Good Girl Dun Good

I've been partaking in a little of one of my favourite past times, looking at old magazines. (Yes I am very familiar with the argument that fashion is too fast moving for printed media, but stop hating and embrace). Anyway the pile of magazines next to my bed has over taken being a table and now resembles a column, so I thought it time to finally delve in to this world I have ignored for so long.

The chromey grey cover of Italian Vogue has been taunting me for a while now. While everyone's been talking about American Vogue's September issue (after the namesake film) I think they've been missing a trick because it's all about Italian Vogue's September Issue!

The cover and story is shot by Steven Klein and shows sexy dominatrix Rihanna staring knowingly in Valentino Couture. I think it might be my favourite fashion shoot of the year, and I really rate her for stepping out the of the generic R&B mould.

I could go on for ages explaining why I love each image, but I think you boys may like them for another reason. Happy Christmas!


Elle. x

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