Deviation with Zinc and Bias!

DJ ZINC is undoubtedly a legend in the UK music scene. With a career as a DJ and producer, throughout the genres of Jungle, House and Garage, his 1995 anthem ‘Super Sharp Shooter’ still has a devastating effect on the dance floor and not to mention the classic ‘138 Trek’ tune from 2000 that he's currently mixed down to ‘128 Trek’. In the last few years DJ Zinc has been playing only house sets, but for this special occasion he will be dusting off the dub-plates and spinning a rare 'back to '94' Jungle set especially for the Deviation family. On our bespoke sound system this is a rare opportunity you don't want to miss.

Renowned as both as a producer and a DJ in the UK garage scene, ZED BIAS also releases material under the pseudonym Maddslinky and has musical taste that spreads far and wide. Known best for his huge single ‘Neighbourhood’ from '99, it has seen several remixes for an 09 re-release by Roska, Chimpo and MJ Cole that will soon be released on 12”. Working on remixes for the likes of Gabrielle, Kosheen, Maxim, Pharoahe Monch and the Streets, he’s also been releasing under his own label Sidestepper Recordings. Ready to spin a few new exclusives, Zed has mainly been dusting off the special dubs from back in the day for a rare old school set that will be undoubtedly be re-wind overload.

Wednesday 2nd Sept at Gramophone, usual spot......

We can't wait for what is undoubtedly going to be a legendary session in the basement. When we strongly advise you to get down early to avoid disappointment on the door we mean it - if you have been locked outside at any of our sessions over the last few months you know. These DJs are playing very rare old school sets especially for this night so we anticipate it to be rammed. It will be first come first served so please don't leave it too late.



creative skateboarding

1 warehouse. 4 teams. 1 set of obstacles. 9 days per team. skateboardings best documentarians. this is the transworld skate & create competition and here the winning entry by etnies.

Grizzly bear gets trapped in local skatepark bowl

SNOWMASS (Colorado) - A BEAR that wandered into an inground skateboard park and got stuck was rescued when officials lowered a ladder so it could climb out.

The bear was discovered on Tuesday morning in the Colorado resort town of Snowmass, according to KUSA-TV. Officials say it apparently was in the park all night, and couldn't get out because of the steep concrete sides.

Workers from the Parks and Recreation Department lowered a long ladder. The bear eventually climbed the ladder and wandered away.

No injuries were reported to people or the bear.


Scratch Perverts and Fam!

Ridiculous turntable madness!


Boring I know, it's not about being a flyer blog, but here is one for the RESET this weekend at the Nike 1948 store, top UK brands including Second Son, new comers ATG and ones to watch The Charlatan, some deals going on with freeness and limited tee's so dont miss out, unless your in Iceland playing to crazy peep's who never sleep.


West London's Finest

More Carnival parties

Elle. x


ENCINITAS, CA- August 15th will mark the launch of Nixon’s second limited edition watch collection of 2009, with the
introduction of the Fluro Rubber Player.

Following the success of this years Rubber Player 4x4 collection, which was available globally at limited retailers during April, May, June and July, The Fluro Rubber Player will feature a high-polish, gloss finish polyurethane band. The unique
materialization and color options, when paired with one of Nixon’s most successful watch models to date, make the Fluro Rubber Player one of the most exciting new watches of the year from Nixon.

Noted Nixon’s Director of Product and Design, Eric Crane, “Nixon is most successful when reinterpreting classic forms with a
modern mix of contemporary fashion and our action sports heritage. We were inspired to mash up our influences very literally by taking a classic watch and rendering it out of bright rubber. When choosing the platform, we entertained countless historic watch designs, all of which were fun ideas, but weren’t authentic to Nixon. It wasn’t until we chose the Player that it all came together and the Rubber Player was born.”

Beginning on the 15th of each month from August through November, a new secret Fluro Rubber Player colorway will be released. Due to the limited nature of the Fluro Rubber Player, once they are sold out these watches will not be available again.

The Fluro Rubber Player will have a 3-hand Japanese quartz movement, a custom molded, high-polish, gloss finish polyurethane case and band and features a diamond at the 6 o’clock position. is limited watch will also come with a collector’s kit stand and packaging and will retail for 199€.

STANTON AND M.I.A electro pop bashement....

Ooh la la!

What a woman...
and what a body!


Elle. x


Damien Walters taking human abilities to the next level.

Wrong Shit

Hello, I am new.

In the future I hope to bring you witty chat and anecdotes, but for now all I've got is this:

This scary looking civet in Bondowoso, East Java, Indonesia is eating coffee beans in order to produce the world's most expensive coffee, which is made by drying and roasting the civet's coffee flavoured faeces. 

Something to consider when you're standing in the queue at Starbucks tomorrow morning.


Elle. x

Pro Green...........

Session And The Green coming soon, rough was recorded last night, gonna be FIRE......! ! ! !

99 Problems but my Pitch aint 1..........

"Doodoo Face"

And for free here is a controversial mashup of Jay-Z's
"99 Problems" and "Death of Autotune" that RCRDLBL heralded "dadaist genius" and MTV News declared
"an instant favorite,"

Explict Lyrics


'How We Roll' Tee.............

It's available..............

United Colours Of Shoreditch.......

Kigu Has Lift Off!!!

In case you haven't heard, myself and Tom have spent the last year setting up our 'Kigu' business importing animal fancy dress costumes from Japan.

After long and arduous negotiations with our supplier we have finally sorted it so that these costumes are available in the UK, and for a very affordable price! (even if I do say so myself).
These are the most banging animal costumes in the world... So if you don't know, get to know, and check out our website here:


P.S Many thanks to the German pharmaceutical giant Merck for inventing MDMA back in 1912!

Raving 89 Book Launch with Guest DJ Andrew Weatherall @ Pure Groove, Friday 7th August - 7.30pm until close

We've seen sneak copies of this amazing book - a beautiful collection of photographs of the lesser known elements of what became a part of our lives - the small time promoters that put on parties everywhere, the first parties to have lunatic lazers, the mental outfits!

And to celebrate the authors of the book are coming down to launch it here with old friend (and new friend of Pure Groove!) Andrew Weatherall spinning classics from the era. We're going to have video clips, projections, art prints hanging - it's going to be special. It will be mobbed - the list is already longer than the arm of the law that clamped down on many nights! So come early!

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Urban Nerds Carnival Mix..........

In the warm up to this years Urban Nerds Carnival Party (all the details below) our boys Klose One, Illaman and Rattus Rattus got together and put down this new exclusive free mix full of carnival vibes.

Which you can download for FREEEEEEE from HERE !

Urban Nerds Carnival 09 Mix Track Listing:

1. Different - Lil Silva
2. Tek Duddy Gal (acapella) - Vybz Kartel
3. Blackberry Hype - Maxwell D
4. Tempreture - Sean Paul
5. Pon di Floor - Major Lazer
6. Migrane Skank - Gracious 'Nappa Man K'
7. Pow - Leathal B
8. Come Around - Collie Buddz (Deekline and Ed Solo rmx / Sigma rmx)
9.Higher Than High - J London & Clocker
10. Some Justice 95 - Urban Shakedown ft D.B.O General
11. Lighter - Sound of the Future
12. Junglist - Congo Natty (Zinc rmx)
13. Ghetto Story - Baby Cham
14. Dutty Wine - Tony Matterhorn
15. Jumeriah Riddim - Sticky
16.Over the Wall (acapella) - Elephant Man
17. Bad Gyal - Ms Dynamite (Crazy Cousins rmx)
18. We Nah Run (Sirens riddim) - Stush vs Hardhouse Banton
19. Ripgroove - Double 99
20. Weh dem a do - Mavado

Catch Klose One, Illaman and me doing our Carnival History Four Deck Mix on the night

howies offers you a golden ticket to an eco Loompaland......

Now I'm not one for going into depth so I'll let my friend Gabrielle from FifteenMinutes take over for this one............

Once a year, 20 amazing Doers converge on fforest (that’s Welsh for forest so that you know) farm in Cilgerran, West Wales and tell their stories to a diverse mix of individuals. Small tent, big ideas type of thing. It’s like a Glastonbury for the mind. Doers inspire the rest of us to go and do something positive.

The ‘Do Lectures’ were originally founded by Welsh brand howies but now sees the involvement of a broad selection of like-minded partners who make the whole thing happen. It has attracted an eclectic mix of speakers who not only inspire others but want to make a difference through big ideas, new innovations and life experiences. This year Do Lectures (taking place September 3 – 7) has a farmer who drove his tractor to parliament to change GM food, an illustrator from San Francisco who did the titles for Spike Jonzes new film, a man who is trying to change how concrete is made, a man who cycled around the world for 4 years, a man who started a school in Denmark based on chaos… plus lots of others interesting things.

To celebrate this year’s lectures, a commemorative T-shirt has been commissioned, which is equally as bright and positive as the event its self. Inspired by Welsh author Roald Dahl’s children’s classic ‘Charlie and the Chocolate factory’, howies have sewn a valuable golden ticket inside one ‘Do Lectures’ T-shirt. This means that one lucky Charlie Bucket will receive a prize event ticket, valued at £1000; with their 'Do Lecture' T-shirt. So be lucky.

The T-shirts are sold at £15 which means they are sold at no profit. The ‘Do Lectures’ logo has been printed on howies ethically sourced and 100% organic cotton T-shirts with a back print listing the 2009 events inspirational speakers. T-shirts are available to purchase from

The Nextmen feat. Ms. Dynamite & MC Wrec @ fabric Live tomorrow (Friday 7th Aug)

onstage at midnight - 1.30am


YES BLOOD!!! The Secret Life of Hoodies.....

I got fire........

What does 'Evian' spell backwards?.........

'...tap water is just as good as the stuff you find encased in plastic… What is Evian spelled backwards?' asked John Dee, as spokesperson for the Bottled Water Alliance, when commenting on the victory in Bundanoon, Australia, where the local community voted to ban bottled water. Of the 356 people who attended the community meeting, 355 of them voted in favour of a total ban on bottled water. Only 1 person voted against the ban.
Late last year students at Leeds University voted to phase out the sale of bottled still water from all their bars, cafes and shops. Unfortunately other communities in the UK have been slow to follow the lead. But now the Leeds City Council claims it is saving more than £30,000 by cutting bottled water dispensers from many of its offices and using tap water for drinking instead.
Greenpeace in Canada names saying goodbye to bottled water as the number one way of greening your office. 'When you buy bottled water, you are participating in the privatization of our water supply' they argue. Meanwhile, The Yes Men have been busy promoting their own line of bottled water. It's not from the melting Alps, nor from faraway, clean-water-deprived Fiji, but rather from the contaminated ground near the site of the 1984 Bhopal catastrophe.


Irresistible Films and Daydream collaborate to put on the arty private party of 2009!
The last stand of Cordy House with sounds from:
Young & positive JAWA (Banana Klan)
Oh Death
And with a little help from Tuborg, it should be a blast!!

RSVP only, with limited space! No plus ones, names only! To...

See you all there!

new years eve GSD stab up

The GSD New Years Eve party was a big hitter. Having all our mates in one place brocking out to our own soundtrack made it a night to remember. But for my mate Kristian, it was a night he’d much rather forget.

On the way to GSD, walking down commercial road, he was attacked by a group of Bangladeshi rudeboys. They barged into him and started swinging punches. When they realised Kristian could hold his own they got dirty and pulled out a bottle. He got stabbed in the head and hand before police (who were chilling on the other side of the street, oblivious, eating their Dixy chicken the whole time) chased them off.

While we were all counting down to the New Year listening to the sexy sounds of Session, Clocker, Klose One, Rattus Rattus and Youngsta, Kristian was getting his head stitched up. After complaining several times about his numb thumb, the doctor realised he also had a lacerated tendon. He was rushed into surgery so that they could cut his arm open, find the other side of the tendon and reattach it. But it had crept so far up his arm, they thought it best to stop cutting for the sake of damage limitation and just attach the known side to his index finger.

The doctors said it would take months of exercise to get his thumb moving again and even then it wouldn’t be fully functional. Kristian doesn’t mind that much though cos he never did the thumbs up with his left hand anyway.

RIP MJ's hair..

Underage Festival Victoria Park 2009......

Tynchy Stryder......

NEW Noisses RELEASE ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !


You can pick up the vinyl and high quality MP3's from Chemical Records

And just for you special people, here is a unreleased Noisses track that some cheeky internet nerd has got their grubby little hands on and put on YouTube, thanks, cause mans like me don't know intraweb and ished.

To hear more Noisses go to the Myspace