Inua Ellams The 14th Tale, 18/19/20 March........

In his own words............. "My first full length show, 'The 14th Tale' will be running at the Arcola Theatre in Dalston, London on the 18/19/20th of March. It is a funny mellifluous narrative about the exploits of a natural born mischief, the shhhtupidness I got up to as a kid, moving from Nigeria to Dublin and to London."

"At 4 years old, I short-circuited my home with a silver spoon and a Betamax Video player. At 5 stopped a 700-student strong assembly with a tantrum, 11, was chased through a jungle by a frustrated, crazed French teacher called 'Monsieur Batcock'. After a little family history research, I saw a pattern of mischief reaching back to my grandfather; the story begins..."

“I'm from a long line of trouble makers, of ash skinned Africans, born with clenched fists and a natural thirst for battle only quenched by breast milk. They’d suckle as if the white silk sliding between gums were liquid peace treaties written from mums...”

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