London , UK : Leading street artist Sweet Toof shares his striking acidic vision in a new set of 14 limited edition prints in collaboration with Aida, Olly Beck, Andy Council, Cyclops, Descreet, Gretta, Kate Mackeson, Monkey, Motorboy, Gold Peg, Rowdy, Sickboy, Snoe and Tek33

Come and join us for a Private View with party to drown your sorrows – as we plunge deeper into recession - with a glass of wine at Sartorial Contemporary Art, on Thursday 22 January 2009 , 6:30 to 11.00pm .

Sweet Toof's new book ‘ Fools Gold Sweet Toof' published by Sartorial Contemporary Art (ISBN: 978-09559100-0-6) will also be launched this evening.

Sweet Toof/ Martin Lea Brown's exhibition runs until 4 February 2009 . Tuesday to Saturday 1:30 to 7:00 pm

Contact: Julia Villard +44 (0) 7787936124

26 Argyle Square, London WC1H 8AP
Tel: + 44 (0) 20 7278 0866
www.sartorialart .com

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